Greave Tenants & Residents Association

We are a small group of enthusiastic volunteers that form Greave Tenants & Residents Association and run the Community Base on Denehurst Road.  We try to put on events for the local Community with the limited resources we have.  We are always looking for new people to help us by giving a few hours of their time.

Our History

Greave Tenants & Residents Association first started to appear in the late 1970`s to early 1980`s.  It started by meeting as a group in members houses and graduated from there to Number 6 Greave Avenue, which was used as an Estate Office.  From the OFFICE we were able to run Play schemes, bonfire parties on the land that was later used for the building and the organisation of Car Boot sales at Oulder Hill to help with our funding needs.  It was from here that the Estate Action Money was obtained to improve the Estate,( walls, canopies, drives, etc) and to build a Community Base, Kick Pitch and play Area.  This was opened in 1997 and we have gone from strength to strength.

 For quite a few years we have carried on running Playscheme`s during holidays  with much success.  A local Playgroup uses the building 5 mornings a week, with excellent Ofsted reports.  Various evening sessions are run during the week which the children always attend and enjoy. We are always open to suggestions for more events.

 We owe a lot of our success to the wonderful support we get from the teams within RBH, who fund us, help us with problems and offer the training and support when it is needed.